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Firewood Logs Nottingham

If you are lucky enough to have a log burner or open fire, then stock up now on firewood logs Nottingham for next winter from Brendan Tree Feller. We offer fantastic value for money with our logs and firewood. Please note our logs are NOT split or seasoned – however customers who are willing to do the splitting and storage of their own wood will benefit from very low prices.

Nottingham Tree Surgeon Brendan Tree Feller offer delivery for £5 per large builders bag quantity of unseasoned round logs to the Nottingham area. Price per builder’s bag quantity is £30/-. Demand is high so call us on 0788 649 9820 to see what we have available!

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  1. Dave
    2nd November 2016

    How long are the logs, roughly?

  2. Brendan Tree Feller
    4th November 2016

    Hello Dave, logs are approximately 1 foot long, of various diameters, and round (not split).
    Hope this helps, Brendan.

  3. William Davison
    5th November 2016

    Do you have logs that could be burnt this winter?
    Looking for about 1 or 2 builders bags, delivered to Car Colston NG13 8JG

  4. Brendan Tree Feller
    5th November 2016

    Hello Mr Davison, yes we have logs for sale – I will send you an email shortly.

  5. Richard Stafford
    14th November 2016

    Hello, do you have any green ash or oak logs about 1.2 metres long and roughly 6 inch in diameter?


  6. Brendan O'Meara
    14th November 2016

    Hello Richard, I’m sorry we do not have anything like this as we usually cut up timber on site to approx foot long logs for use as firewood.
    We could save you poles of your required dimensions of various woods but you may have to wait a while for ash or oak.
    Would seasoned elm be acceptable?
    You can call me on 0788 649 9820 to discuss further.
    Brendan Tree Feller

  7. William
    20th November 2016

    Is it better to split unseason first or after they have been seasoned.

  8. Brendan Tree Feller
    21st November 2016

    Hello William.

    It is best to split the logs while they are fresh and unseasoned, as they will be easier to split.

    Also the logs will not season as well in the round as they will season once they are split, because when split the split sides will be exposed to the air, meaning that there will be more surface area to dry, and there will be proportionately less of each log covered by the bark, which hinders moisture loss.

    I hope that this answers your question.


  9. William
    24th November 2016

    Thanks What is the minimum time to season logs before they can burnt?

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